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What does it mean to be authentic?...In all aspects of life...

I feel most strive for this, but do we really know what it means...

My mission is to share information, ask provoking questions and guide you with suggestions, opinions, and information about people, products, reading, or sometimes videos to help individuals discover clean, natural, sustainable rituals that support us as we #gracefullymovethroughtime.

Lets visit some thoughts or ideas on authenticity...

Definition: to be genuine or original.


When it comes to products be it beauty products, food, or supplements i know I look for items that meet my standards of authenticity. For me this means three main factors.

* pure in nature... not mixed with unnecessary additives

* quality ingredients

* reputable retailers... not all retailers are legally able to do so, therefore watch what you're buying

Things to consider on the quest for authentic goods. Where and who we purchase products from matters when seeking authenticity. Questions to ask... are the vendors themselves authentic, and in fact selling authentic goods.

Many times my clients have picked up shampoos and such while shopping at discount department stores as well as various other places online ( that will remain nameless) and wanted my opinion on the product. Another scenario, " I have ____ brand in my closet at home, wont that do the same thing as the one you're using?"

Although the stores themselves may or in some cases may not be authentic in terms of business, there are no rules requiring standards such as freshness of goods in place. Consumer risks include

*expired...all products have a shelf life sometimes they have a date marked and sometimes not

the proteins could simply go bad causing bacteria or worse yet contain parasites!

*clogged pores, blemishes, exacerbated rosacea, cold sores, eye infections, scalp bumps,

The list goes on and on. Put it this way, loads of problems that can easily be avoided. When it comes down to it the money we think we're saving, (not), isn't worth the risk.

Add to it authentic products, deliver results and require less of the product which in turn last longer.

Best practices

* shop local

*consult a trusted professional... if possible ,purchase directly from those supporting you. If you are with the right professional, they will be giving you advice on what your beauty and health needs are, sharing the most authentic up to date information to get you on the path to be your best you!

Spiritual thoughts

I've come across a few interesting quotes from some of the people who inspire me. Here's what they had to offer with their idea of authenticity...

"authenticity is about imperfection. And is a very human quality. To be authentic is to be at peace with your imperfections. The great leaders are not the strongest, they are the ones who are honest about their weaknesses" Simon Sinek

"authenticity is allowing yourself to be spontaneous instead of responding to how you think you're supposed to be" Tony Robbins


How do you own your own life? How do you fill yourself up?...

To tie it all up... you're too unique to live someone else' life so live your own. Spend time with thoughts that satisfy you, rituals that serve your higher self, products that deliver and support your health and feeling good about yourself as we #gracefullymovethroughtime.

Gina Gabai

Tell us what authenticity means to you

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