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I get asked all kinds of questions regarding beauty concerns ranging from "what products are best for my skin"? or "why am I losing so much hair"? Although I'm neither a physician or trained nutritionist, I am a professional in the beauty industry. My years of experience have taught me a lot. I've had the privilege of clients sharing their personal experiences regarding health, as well as my thirst for knowledge, has enabled me to see patterns that affect many individuals both men and women resulting in hair an skin problems. When it comes to beauty and health... what's happening inside shows on the outside.

With so many topics to choose from, I decided to share my love for Vitamin C. A favorite of mine for so many reasons... so many qualities to love... nothing better than the sight, aroma or taste fresh citrus... not to mention so many skincare benefits!

Vitamin C... In's and out's

One of the greats! Starting our list of goods with this life-saving ingredient, vitamin c has so many amazing benefits for both inside and out. It is said by experts to be one of the safest ingredient on most skin types.

It can be used in conjunction with other products and has the most effective nutrients.

Inside: vitamin c not only helps boost energy it also helps with absorption of iron. When it comes to sources there are so many options... berries, citrus fruits, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower ,sweet red peppers and the list goes on. It is said to protect against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even fine lines and aging...I like to call it moving through time.

Outside , thee are numerous in antioxidants which are the greatest defense in protection of healthy skin against aging, reduces redness, helps retain moisture, brightens skin, fades signs of aging, also highly acidic which promotes healing in turn assists with collagen production... talk about a Wow factor!

Mind Body Spirit

One word....Move

You know the old saying, " if you dont use it"...

Body If you haven't already started some type of physical movement, why not today. Its all in the

mind, this is the number one thing to gain control of.

Some things to think about:

- choose progress over perfection

- accept where you are

- begin small

10 minutes per day can add up over time. Lastly, thank yourself for showing up.

Spirit/state of mind

Meditation, when I hear the word it makes me think of an action that's not easy, if at all

Recently, I read something that I could relate to, It said " start with 10 minutes in the morning, listen to an ac or a fan, something constant. This will begin to help quiet the mind promoting the right mindset to find good things.

Post movement/meditation what better way to reward yourself than with a glass of fresh squeezed citrus, remember that recovery factor ,rehydrate, great source of potassium and a pump of electrolytes that also fights inflammation and joint pain. Thank you vitamin c!

Hair/scalp: mask: Davines Let it go circle contains orange peel oil/ scalp

Skin: PCA C&E strength

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